Butterfly Fondant Birthday CakeHave you ever heard the expression from a sales representative "...and the icing on the cake is..."? Then they continue to tell you the best part of a deal, etc. They commonly use this phrase because no matter what came before, what really matters to everyone is ....." the icing on the cake." This is the reason that cakes by far require the most attention from a baker's standpoint. Regardless of the type of event you are celebrating, when it is time for the cake to be presented, everyone's attention is peaked!

This is where the expertise of our bakers is most useful. With decades of experience and knowledge behind them, they can work together with you to create not only what you want, but also how much you need and the presentation that you're after. So whether it's a sheet cake or multi-tiered, fondant or buttercream, topsy-turvy or shaped, our talented staff is able to exceed your expectations. 

Chocolate Drizzle Birthday Cake

Of course, it needs to taste as good as it looks!  Over time and much tweaking we have developed what we believe is a perfect recipe for a consistently moist cake in whichever flavor you choose. Our buttercream icing melts in your mouth, while our fondant tastes as smooth as it looks - plus, the possibilities are endless when creating shapes and contours with this unique product.  We encourage you to browse our Photo Album to see many of the cakes we've created.

By placing your trust in "Bake My Day!", you can take the worries out of this important part of your day and just sit back and enjoy "... the icing on the cake."