Cut-Out Sugar Cookies


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Custom orders from this year!
   Our cut-out sugar cookies are by far the most popular and desired item that we sell. You first notice their substantial size; we use oversized cutters and hand roll to 1/2" thick. Next, you focus on the attention to detail given to each and every cookie. Each cookie is a detailed work of art to the point that most people are hesitant to bite into it - but when they do, it's the best surprise yet! Melt-in-your-mouth buttercream frosting atop the softest sugar cookie you have ever had.

   As our customers know, there is no comparison between buying a mass-produced product versus an individually crafted cookie that is truly special. We offer a selection of seasonally decorated cookies each day in-store, or you can stop by or contact us for custom cookies that will be the hit of your party or event. Our bakers and staff will work with you to ensure you're getting exactly the look you're after.


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