multi-tier weeding cakeThis is it! This is your day —  the one you have spent seemingly endless hours dreaming and planning for. Your preparations have paid off: everyone and everything look fabulous. The music begins, and it seems the whole world has its focus on you as you enter the room. Time seems to be standing still, yet racing as you walk down the aisle. You exchange your vows, the rings are placed, and then the kiss... Congratulations! Now it's time to relax and enjoy!

The day moves forward, and now the focus turns from the bride and groom and is drawn towards the dessert table. This is what we refer to as "the icing on the cake" time. This is when all who walk by are captured by the attention to detail, the intricacies of the icing, the placement of the flowers, the silky material flowing below...all work together to create a visual masterpiece. Regardless of size or shape, cake, cupcakes, or a combination of the two, the perfect presentation is extremely important - and something we can help you bring about.  

After the pictures have been snapped, the cake has been cut, and portions handed out, it needs to taste as good as it looks! Through years of experimenting and tweaking, we have developed what we believe is a perfect recipe for a consistently moist cake in whichever flavor you may choose. Our buttercream icing melts in your mouth and is our "crowning jewel." Our fondant icing tastes as smooth as it looks and the possibilities are endless when creating shapes and contours with this unique product. We encourage you to browse our Photo Album to see ideas others have had us create.

So no matter how you slice it, your choice of cake provider is very important to achieving a sweet ending to your special occasion. As you plan and prepare, we are happy to schedule consultations with potential customers in order to discuss your specific design, colors, ideas...and of course, let you try our many flavors! Rest assured that by placing your trust in Bake My Day, you can take the worries out of this important part of your day and just sit back and enjoy "the icing on the cake."